Passover became the common name given to the three spring festivals of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. They were celebrated over an eight day period in the month of Nisan, which generally takes place in the month of April. All Jewish men over the age of 30 were required to attend these festivals.

Brief Facts About Passover

  • The Day of Preparation, 14th Nisan, was the date when the Passover lamb was sacrificed.
  • The Passover meal was to be eaten that evening (15th Nisan) after the lamb had been sacrificed.
  • The festival of Unleavened Bread begins on the 15th Nisan and is celebrated over seven days. The first and last days of the festival are High Sabbath holidays.
  • The festival of First Fruits takes place the day after the Sabbath during Unleavened Bread. This ceremony would redeem all the fruit and grain crops for the rest of the year. Until this festival took place none of the food grown that season was considered kosher and could be eaten.
  • Passover was the time when the Jews believed Elijah was going to appear and announce the arrival of the Messiah.