There were four main types of fishing equipment used on the Sea of Galilee:

  1. A simple line and hook
  2. The cast net – this was a circular net with lead weights around the edges that could be used by a single person who would cast it from the shore or boat. Once cast onto the water the net would sink over the unsuspecting fish. Being a good cast fisherman required considerable skill.
  3. The trammel net – this was a 3 layered fishing net that could be several hundred metres long with lead weights on the bottom and floats on the top. This net was only used at night when the fish could not see it. A good fishing team could do 10-15 drops in a night. These nets required a lot of maintenance and care as they needed to be washed, repaired and dried daily.
  4. The drag net – this type of net was very similar to the trammel net except that it was single layered. A boat would row out and then parallel to the shore dropping the net as it went before coming back into the shore again some 50 metres down the beach creating a semi-circle shape. Two teams of men at each end of the net would then haul the net ashore.