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2022 Infiniti QX60 SUV Will Rock A V6 Engine, 9-speed Automatic Combo

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This past September, the concept gave us a pretty good idea of what's to come from the Japanese luxury brand. On Thursday, we got a big piece of the powertrain puzzle after the brand v9bet revealed the upcoming production SUV will sport a 3.5-liter V6 and nine-speed automatic transmission.

delivered these two major pieces of information as it gears up to share more about the upcoming SUV in the near future. The QX60 isn't new, but this redesign looks to usher it into the same sphere as the handsome . It'll head into the luxury SUV battlefield with 295 horsepower and totally new nine-speed automatic. The V6 is familiar and finds a home in other Infiniti vehicles, but the nine-speed auto is brand spankin' new. With both, the brand said it aims to strike the balance between power and fuel economy. With a ratio spread of 10:1, engineers tuned the SUV for good power response and efficiency at highway speeds. Obviously, we won't know if the brand nailed it until someone from Roadshow gets to drive an .













One thing's for sure: Infiniti has waded through the trenches to ensure it delivers. The shift-by-wire setup promises more free space inside, while an active torque mount soaks up vibrations and keeps the cockpit quiet. All the while, engineers put this powertrain combo to the test in the highest temperatures, such as 122 degree romps in Death Valley, or hundreds of hours tuning the experience between teams in the US and Japan on the road.

Infiniti was also so kind as to provide prototype images of the SUV testing, but quite frankly the QX60 Monograph concept does a far better job. The prototype here is covered in camouflage, but there's no hiding the more upright stance from the concept vehicle and the somewhat puffed-up QX50 look. We don't have a look at the rear, but I sure hope the long light bar sticks around.

So, with the concept's looks, these new photos and news on the powertrain today, all we're waiting on is a look at the interior to give us a clear picture at what Infiniti has up its sleeve. It won't be long before we get the whole shebang, judging by Infiniti's language.

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