Authors Posts by A Couple Transformed Their 1930s Semi-detached Property In A Stunning £60,000 DIY Makeover That Added £145,050 To The Value Of Their Home

A Couple Transformed Their 1930s Semi-detached Property In A Stunning £60,000 DIY Makeover That Added £145,050 To The Value Of Their Home


A couple transformed their 1930s semi-detached property in a stunning £60,000 DIY makeover that added £145,050 to the value of their home. 

Leanne and Ash Baud, both 35, purchased the five-bedroom house in Leeds for £279,950 five years ago but wanted to create a space that better suited life for their four children, Oliver, 15, Mason, 13, Esme, two, and Ada, six months. 

To save money the couple decided to carry out most of the work themselves, beginning in 2016 and including a loft conversion in 2019, while Leanne was pregnant with Esme, to add another bedroom and an extensive kitchen revamp. 

Leanne, who works for Yorkshire Ambulance Service, was put in charge of decorating and learned what she needed from YouTube videos. Meanwhile Ash, who works as a plumber and engineer, was put in charge of wilkerson plumbing solutions ennis tx -, and heating works. Electricity was left to professionals. 

The couple also cut costs by purchasing furnishings on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. 

The result is a cosy yet stylish home that Leanne and Ash estimate is now worth £425,000 - £145,050 more than the price they paid.  

Leanne, 34 and Ash Baud, 35, bought their house five years ago for £295,950 and now claim it is worth £425,000 after their £60,000 DIY makeover. Pictured: the kitchen before, with brown cupboards and cream wallpaper with a stone back-splash 

The kitchen now. Leanne and Ash spent £13,000 on redoing the room, replacing the cupboards with new blue ones fitted with copper handles, changing the back-splash with white tiles. They also redid the room's ceiling and got rid of the see-through roof

The living-room photographed mid-renovations. The couple replaced the fireplace, left, and building shelves and cupboards unit on either side of it 

Leanne and Ash covered the floorboards with grey tartan-style carpeted floors, and fitted a white fireplace at the centre of the room. They furnished with dark blue-grey velvet sofas and pink cushions

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In order to overhaul their house's main bathroom, the couple completely destroyed it, floor to ceiling, pictured. Ash was in charge of the plumbing for the new bathroom 





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