The Jesus Bible is Coming Soon!

Very soon the Jesus Bible – HiStory will be published and will be ready for sale.

What is The Jesus Bible? It is the combination of all four Gospel into one continuous story that follows the timeline of Jesus life from the beginning to the end. It contains study notes, understanding into Jewish culture, explanation into the context and history of the time as well as the Hebrew language. It opens up the Gospels and gives it more life. Even if you have read the Gospels many time you will be amazed at some of the things you have read a 1000 times and never seen.

Sign up and be the one of the first to get their hands on the Jesus Bible at a very special price of $15 + postage and packaging.

These sample pages below are a small taste of what the Jesus Bible is like. It contains images, maps, notes in the Jewish culture and history, with a timeline that follows the story so you know with so much more depth when, where and what is happening in the life of Jesus. He will come alive to you like never before…..