Traditionally all Jewish weddings with a virgin bride took place on a Wednesday. We know that Jesus left Judah on the first day of the week being Sunday and traveled 3 days to arrive in Cana on the Wednesday just in time for the wedding.

One of the reasons this tradition came about was so a husband who discovered after his wedding night that his new wife was not really a virgin could go to the local Sanhedrin on the Thursday morning and quickly have the marriage annulled (the Sanhedrin would not meet on Fridays). And those brides who had previously been married would always marry on a Tuesday.

Three days later they arrived in Cana for the wedding. Mary, Jesus’ mother and brothers, were already there, along with Jesus. His new disciples had also received an invitation to the wedding. That night they discovered that with so many guests there was not enough wine for everyone so Mary said to Jesus, “They have no more wine.” TJB 5:1

One of the reasons wine was so important at a Jewish wedding was that the Master of Ceremonies would perform a blessing over a cup of wine each of the seven nights of the wedding.

Also of interest in this story is that Jesus was an invited guest along with the rest of his family, and in order for him to get invites for his new disciples he must have known the bride and/or groom extremely well. Perhaps it was his sister’s wedding when we consider how interested Mary is with the catering? Interesting possibility……

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