The Jesus Bible - History

The Jesus Bible - History

The jesus bible imparts the complete lessons of bible book,history of jesus and various miracles of christ useful for jews,christians etc.Its perfect for anyone who wants to know about it.

Two Messiahs?

When John the Baptiser, who had been locked up in the prison at Macherus, heard about everything that Jesus was doing he called for two of his disciples and sent them to Jesus to...

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When was John the Baptist Arrested?

Determining the timing of John’s arrest and imprisonment is confusing when we read the different gospel accounts. It has largely been assumed that John...

Types of Fishing on the Sea of Galilee

There were four main types of fishing equipment used on the Sea of Galilee: A simple line and hook The cast net - this...

Parable of the Sower

Matthew , Mark and Luke all wrote a version of the Parable of the sower and they all had subtle differences. Here is the...